Alan Road Methodist Ipswich

A Hitachi 5000 lumens projector was fitted on a angled bracket and pole from roof beam onto 2.4m electric screen, the screen was mounted at an angle to cover the right-hand side of church. Also a 15 inch LCD screen was fitted into organ (hole cut by local carpenter) a laptop input point on stage plus a 19 inch LCD screen mounted on stand with wheels for visual foldback on stage.

A control desk was built by local carpenter to house existing mixer desk, new laptop, Kramer VP-719 switcher scalar and DVD player, there is also the facility to plug a camera in at the front for weddings etc. The cables where kept out of site as much as possible. The system is very simple to use the with the scalar installed by pressing required button the input is switched in seamlessly

oakaudiovisualAlan Road Methodist Ipswich