Christ Church Bedford

This installation originally in 2004 proved to be an interesting challenge because of the pillars Christ Church already owned an Hitachi CP-X430 2500 lumens projector which they had only recently purchased, we installed this on a pole in the centre of the church with the screen fitted centrally on the woodwork in front of organ. This still left some area’s where the screen was obscured by pillars, so we installed 19inch TFT screen to cover these areas also we fitted 2 19” TFT for visual foldback monitors to cover the Altar and worship band, the cables had to be taken up the pillars in trunking as they were not hollow but we kept this neat and up the side of pillar that was less visible the control position was positioned at the rear of the Church. A later addition to the system have been more TFT’s and a seamless switched and a vision mixer

oakaudiovisualChrist Church Bedford