Littleover Methodist Church Derby

Main Church

Two 4000 lumens projectors and two 240x150cm screens with radio remote fitted either side of stage area with projectors wall mounted high up out of sight lines, wired back to Kramer VP-791 scalar switcher at control area. The system provides seamless switching between computer, video and camera, also the feed from the Church with audio can be sent to other rooms within the building for overflow. The sound fitted (by Sa Sound Services) consist of 3 L-Acoustic 8XT’s two at the front and one for side area powered by QSC amps and Alan & Heath GB4 desk.

New Build, Cafe Foyer and Minor Hall

42inch LCD’s where wall mounted in the cafe and foyer area and existing projector and new screen fitted in minor hall these were all cabled back to a Kramer matrix switch in the main office. This allowed total flexibility with the system any of the room could be switched independently of each other and could show any of up to 4 sources i.e. DVD, local PC and of course the main Church. QSC ceiling speakers were fitted in the foyer and cafe, and QSC wall mounted speakers in the minor hall . Each area was zoned and the sound for any of the 4 AV sources above, can be sent to any zone and facility for local laptop with sound and mic in minor hall.

oakaudiovisualLittleover Methodist Church