St Andrews Alwalton Peterborough

The requirement for St Andrew Alwalton was for two projector and two screens , also after discussion with the DAC it was required that the screen were stored in the vertical position. This created a challenge on installation of screen and what type of screen to fit, it was finally decided that a manual screen would be used which is lighter and removed the obstacle of electrics. So we install two slow retract manual screen , where the surface retract slowly into the case when released.

Two Sanyo 4500 lumens were installed on the stone walls opposite the screens, a speakers laptop, and visual foldback point where installed on stage. A wooden control desk was fitted at the rear of the church, where a Kramer scalar switcher, DVD Player and preview monitor was fitted.

The sound system was installed the same time by our sister company S A Sound Services consisting of two Tannoy V8 speakers, 16 way stage box, and at mix position 16 channel Soundcraft desk, QSC amps and Trantec radio mics

All the cables were kept out of site as possible and where clipped to stone work they were spray painted the same colour at the stone.

oakaudiovisualSt Andrew’s Alwalton Peterborough