St Mary's Church Ely

This was an interesting but challenging installation, consisting of a Sanyo 6000 lumens projector mounted high up on the north side wall of the nave, and 3m Smartdrop screen in the centre of chancel arch, this allowed the screen to be hidden out of the way behind the chancel arch when not in use.

The north and south aisle had Sanyo 4500 lumens projector mounted close to the ceiling and outside walls of each aisle. A electric screen was mounted across the aisle windows, with and extra metre of back at the bottom to completely cover the window. Both of these screens come down or up automatically when the projector was powered on.

At the control position there is Kramer panel which allows powering on and off of the two outside and centre projectors separately of all three projectors together. There is also a Kramer scalar switcher, which allows switching between various sources, front and rear laptop, camera, DVD player, etc. Also mounted in the rack are 2 x 7inch monitor for previewing the DVD player and the camera. The camera was a pan and tilt version with a joystick controller at control

The system is very simple to operate, with simple button control, the client was very happy with the outcome, and the neatness of the cables, which were also sprayed stone colour to match the stonework.

oakaudiovisualSt Mary’s Church Ely